The 7 most famous Flamenco songs in history

While it is true that all musical genres have songs that have marked a before and after in their history, in flamenco this becomes even more important.


Well, simply and plainly because we are not dealing with just any musical genre, but with an art that exudes an art that overflows with feeling like no other. If you are considering go to a flamenco tablaoto know the most famous flamenco songs in the history of flamenco will fuel the fire of your desire even more:

The 7 most famous Flamenco songs in history

NoteAll these songs are available on YouTube, so if you have time and want to enjoy an unparalleled selection of music, our advice is to put on your headphones, search for them one by one on your smartphone and start having fun.

1- A Tu Vera:

Could we start our list of the most famous flamenco songs in history any other way?

A Tu Vera, Lola Flores (1971)is a song composed by Rafael de León and Juan Solano in 1962, and although there are many artists who have dared to interpret it, no one has ever done it like Lola Flores, La Faraona, in the movie El Balcón de la Luna.

The lyrics speak of a passionate love that will last a lifetime despite the mishaps it may suffer, the deep feeling conveyed by this song quickly made it one of the highest grossing songs in its year of release.

2- I am a Gypsy:

Soy Gitano, Camarón de la Isla (1989)is a classic of the flamenco genre that everyone has heard at least once (even Estopa paid a tribute to him in his song “Como Camarón”).Como Camarón” (Like Camarón)).

In addition to being one of those performances full of good vibes, this song earned the artist his first gold record by selling over 50,000 copies. his first gold record by selling more than 50,000 copies.This is something that, sincerely, does not surprise us at all when we listen to the beauty of his lyrics and the passion of his singing. We’re looking forward to hearing about it!

3- Between two waters:

Entre dos Aguas, Paco de Lucia (1973)is one of the most important flamenco songs in history, but also one of the most special. Do you want to know why?

It turns out that, unlike the previous ones, Entre dos Aguas is an entirely instrumental flamenco rumba.That is to say, no one sings, nor is there any need to, because the magic of the master Paco de Lucia on the strings is such that it makes our hair stand on end just with the good work of his fingers on the guitar.

The original song was recorded with two guitars, the second one being played by his brother Ramón de Algeciras.

4- Give me Poison:

Dame Veneno, Los Chunguitos (1977)was the most successful song of their first album, which served to make them known to the world and bring flamenco rumba to a much wider audience.

It is said that without this song the group would not be what it is today, since this rumba of a stormy love has managed to go down in history as very few songs have done in our country.

5- I would not hesitate:

No Dudaría, Antonio Flores (1980)is a song composed and performed by the singer himself, the only son of Lola Flores (La Faraona) and Antonio González (El Pescailla).

Both the voice and the depth of the lyrics reflect his flamenco roots, yet the hit managed to transcend its genre, being considered both a flamenco and a Spanish pop hit. Even today it is still common to hear it on radio stations throughout Spain.

6- Bohemian Nights:

Bohemian Nights, Navajita Plateá (1998)is one of the most listened flamenco songs nowadays and one of the singles that have managed to keep the art of flamenco alive, transferring it to the new generations.

Although both the broken voice and the sound of his guitar are pure flamenco essence, it is a hit that even the detractors of the genre love, uniting us all to the beat of a beautiful song, what more could you ask for?

7- Ay Pena, Pena, Pena:

Ay Pena, Penita, Pena, Lola Flores (1953)is actually a song composed by Quintero, León and Quiroga in 1951, which was initially interpreted by Manolo Caracol (another of the most famous flamenco singers in history). most famous flamenco singers in history) and his daughter Luisa Ortega.) and his daughter Luisa Ortega.

However, in the flamenco scene, it is already known who was in the lead in those years, so in 1953 the song was included in a film of the same name starring Lola Flores, who covered it with such artistry that this version became the most famous of the single.

And yes, we have finished our list of the most famous flamenco songs in history, with the same artist with the same artist we started it with, for being one of the most epic voices of all times.

Now that you have been able to enjoy a wealth of talent on your smartphone smartphoneand the way to sublimate this passion to its maximum expression is by visiting a live flamenco tablao. We are waiting for you at C. Panaderos, 32, Albaicín, Granada, in Jardines de Zoraya..


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