Flamenco Tablao
in Granada

Shows every day at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Live Flamenco and Gastronomy in the heart of the Albaicín, one of the neighborhoods with more charm of Granada. A unique experience for all the senses.

Shows every day at every day at 8:00 hs and 22:30 hs

Live Flamenco and Gastronomy in the heart of the Albaicín, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Granada. A unique experience for all the senses.


One of the 10 best restaurants with show in Spain.

Passion, dance and pure Granada art on stage.



Mediterranean cuisine

We have a team of highly qualified multilingual professionals to serve the most demanding public.

Traditional gastronomy with a modern vision and local and seasonal products.

The best way to get to know our culture, through its cuisine and Flamenco art.

for groups

With flamenco show

Jardines de Zoraya, a place where we will turn your event into a resounding success. We have capacity for 100 diners.

Varied proposals of menus for the day or night and another independent space to enjoy the best flamenco show. A complete experience for an unforgettable event.


The best artists of the current scene will make you discover the duende and the passion of the incredible world of flamenco. Discover our excellent cast of dancers, singers and guitarists.

Latest news

Federico García Lorca and his passion for Flamenco

Federico García Lorca and his passion for Flamenco

Although many do not know it, Lorca is flamenco. Of all the so-called "cultured poets", he is the one who had the strongest relationship with flamenco. Since he was a child, Lorca and flamenco had a close union. In his house in Fuente Vaqueros he listened to the...

The 7 most typical dances of Granada

The 7 most typical dances of Granada

Due to its geographical, physical and climatic variety, and its enormous mix of cultural influences, Grenada possesses an impressive wealth of folklore. A rich and varied folklore where music and dance have a special role and whose origin goes back to the festivities...

Flamenco costume: history and origins

Flamenco costume: history and origins

Few regional costumes are as easy to recognize as the gypsy dress or flamenco dress. flamenco dress. A style of clothing that has become one of the true hallmarks of Andalusian culture and that is never missing in the traditional pilgrimages and festivals of the...

What is a Taranta in flamenco?

What is a Taranta in flamenco?

The taranta of flamenco is a song that emerged in the mining area of Almeria in the nineteenth century, which evolved in the heat of the singing cafes, forming part of the flamenco shows that were held at the time. But, do you know what a taranta is and how this genre...

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Do I have to make my reservation in advance?

Although you are not required to make a reservation in advance, table assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. It can be reserved in our online purchase section.

As in a movie theater or theater, the first tables to be assigned are the front and first row and then the second row and side tables.

For this reason, Jardines de Zoraya strongly recommends early booking.

What should I do if I cannot book online?

If for any reason you cannot book online please contact us through our contact form or through our contact information: +34 958 206 266 or from info@flamencogranada.com.

What are high tables?

Our room is composed of two types of tables:

  • Low tables: they are located in the center of the room and are the closest to the stage and the flamenco show.
  • High tables: they are located at the sides of the room and, although they are farther away, they have a perfect view of the stage and the show.

Do I have to choose the menu to reserve?

It is not necessary. You can choose the menu you prefer once you are in the restaurant. The menu is available on our website.


Where is the show being held?

The show takes place in the tablao hall. In summer, you can enjoy dinner on the terrace, weather permitting.


Is the tablao a place for tourists?

Jardines de Zoraya, has been offering Flamenco and decade offering Flamenco and Gastronomy for all those art and culture lovers. Our house is an open door space for all those who are looking for a unique experience in Granada.