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Where to see flamenco in Granada

Did you know that flamenco was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO? This art discipline has its origins

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Sacromonte is one of the most particular and idyllic neighborhoods of Granada. It is located on a reddish hill in

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Andalusia is famous all over the world for its good climate, the pleasant character of the Andalusians, its beaches, flamenco…

Historic center Granada

Granada is an Andalusian city that captivates with its architecture, tradition and customs. If you visit the city, it is

What to see in the Albaicín

The Albaicin is the oldest neighborhood in Granada and a must if you visit this Andalusian city with so much

The 7 most famous Flamenco songs in history

While it is true that all musical genres have songs that have marked a before and after in their history,

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What is flamenco dance?

The flamenco dance is one of the most famous artistic genres in Spain, so much so that many tourists consider

The 5 most used flamenco instruments

The flamenco genre is characterized by combining singing, dancing and masterful guitar playing in a single art, the fusion of

Flamenco hairstyles: 5 looks to look stunning

Flamenco hairstyles are those usually used by flamenco singers and dancers; however, these styles are not only reserved for these