Sergio Gómez “El Coloraíto”.


He has drunk from the purest sources of flamenco since his early years. His father, Antonio Gómez “El Colorao” has instilled in him all his art as well as the fundamental bases of flamenco singing. At the age of 6, he made his first performance accompanied by his brother on guitar. From this moment on, he began to sing with his father in numerous flamenco clubs.

Andalusia Festivals

When she was 10 years old, she formed the group Oyana, together with other future figures of flamenco. With this group Sergio begins to form his own style of flamenco that in the future will help him to innovate in some forgotten cantes. During the three years of the group’s existence, it shared the bill with artists of the stature of Remedios Amaya, Raimundo Amador, La Susi, Rebeca, Ecos del Rocío…

In 2000 he participated in Madrid in the show “Trasnoches Flamencos” with artists such as Rafael Amargo, the group Losada, and Antonio.

“El Colorao”

From this moment on, he began to move solo, singing pure flamenco with a modern air and alongside numerous dancers such as Juan Ramírez, Manolete, La Moneta, Adrián Sánchez, Jara Heredia, Ana Cali, Eva Esquivel, etc. Among his numerous performances we can highlight: tablao Casa Patas in Madrid, in the Cardamomo Club in Madrid, the Bienal de Sevilla in the section “Mas Jóvenes más Flamenco”, peña de la platería…

Malaga Biennial

In 2007, he participates in the contest of the Union, and manages to obtain the solea and Vidalita prizes, as well as in 2008 he gets the Farruca prize. In recent years he has acquired a great wisdom in the flamenco field and the recognition of the Spanish critics. His eagerness to do new things has opened doors for him among both flamenco and non-flamenco artists and his knowledge of classical songs is becoming more and more extensive. Sergio Gómez has earned a place of honor among the promising young flamenco artists of Granada.


  • Young people with flamenco essence (2000, Big Bang Producciones)
  • Jóvenes Flamencos (2005, Diputación de Granada)
  • Among Friends (2009, Sergio Pamies)
  • Borrachito (2011, Sergio Pamies)