Flamenco hairstyles: 5 looks to look stunning

Flamenco hairstyles are those usually used by flamenco singers and dancers; however, these styles are not only reserved for these artists, but many women feel especially beautiful with them, being looks that are very popular in Andalusia and Madrid.

Here, we want to share with you some of the most used traditional flamenco hairstyles, being perfect to go to the Feria de Abril and even as wedding hairstyles if you dare with a different style:

5 Flamenco hairstyles you will love to wear

1- Low and tousled updo:

The low and tousled updo is one of the flamenco hairstyles par excellence, it consists of gathering all the hair in a low bun, which can be in the center of the nape of the neck or -our preferred option- on the side of the neck, providing a touch of captivating sensuality.

This hairstyle can be customized with large flowers, just above the head, or on the side where the chignon is placed. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a tousled look, as it also looks great with pulled back hair.

2- Low flamenco ponytail:

The low ponytail is another of the classic flamenco hairstyles most used throughout history, and even today many brides still choose it to get married.

Do you know what the best thing about this updo is?

It’s super easy to do, because you just have to gather all your hair in a low ponytail, which is tight so you can dance without fear of looking disheveled. As we saw in the previous look, it can be adorned with large flowers, and, of course, the flamenco dress is its most inseparable complement.

Bubble ponytails are currently very fashionable, so they are often used to create a more modern version of this hairstyle.

3- Loose hair:

While loose hair is not the most comfortable thing in the world when it comes to dancing, if it is a style that is very popular in flamenco looks when we are not going to perform.For example, to go to the Feria de Abril, it is also a look that La Faraona, Lola Flores, wore a lot.

Of course, if we want to imitate the style of the greats by wearing our hair down in the flamenco style, it is important to give it as much volume as we can, Lola Flores wore backcombed hair while nowadays waves are more popular.

Of course, a huge flower adorning the look enhances it even more, especially if it is a beautiful carnation or a gorgeous red rose.

4- Water waves updo:

And this updo was also seen more than once on the legendary Niña de Los Peines, one of the best flamenco dancers in history.

One of the advantages of this look is that it is also very fashionable in recent years, and adds a very nice touch of elegance and sophistication.

What does it consist of?

Well, nothing more and nothing less than creating a tight updo, which gathers all the hair in a low or side bun, but adorns the part of the hairline with soft and feminine water waves. You will love to see yourself with this hairstyle.

5- Flamenco hairstyles with comb:

More than a hairstyle per se, it is about complementing the previous looks with a flamenco accessory to give an Andalusian or “gypsy” touch.

The combs are a very striking hair accessory, usually used with flamenco dresses and also with mantillas. They can be used with any of the hairstyles we have seen before and, in the more modern versions, they are also a great way to turn a conventional look into a flamenco hairstyle.

The keys to get it right with your flamenco hairstyle

If you want your flamenco look to be perfect, there are a series of guidelines that we recommend you to follow from Jardines de Zoraya:

  • Use flowers, they can be natural or plastic.
  • The middle parting is another characteristic feature of the flamenco updo, don’t be afraid to make it very striking.
  • The manila shawl will bring a 100% flamenco touch to your look, being able to sublimate any hairstyle.
  • Another tip is to apply hairspray or some other hairspray, as flamenco dances are very passionate and it will be difficult to keep everything in place.
  • You only have to read the beauty magazines to realize that nowadays any hairstyle, well decorated, can become a flamenco look. Just combine it with the right accessories, experiment without fear and create a unique look.

And if you want to see the best flamenco hairstyles live, we recommend you to visit Jardines de Zoraya, our flamenco tablao where you will enjoy daily shows, accompanied by the best Andalusian food. We are waiting for you at Calle Panaderos, 32, Granada, Spain.

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