7 Monuments in Granada that will steal your heart

Whether you are planning your next trip to Granada, or if you are already in the city and want to maximize your experience, read on, we present you the 7 monuments in Granada that everyone who visits will love. the 7 monuments in Granada that everyone who visits them will fall in love with.If you want to be enchanted by their beauty, then you’ve come to the perfect place!

PSGranada is a city with dozens of monuments to see and things to do. things to do So, although we have compiled the best 7, you will surely find many more magical enclaves during your trip, isn’t it wonderful?

The 7 best monuments in Granada that you will love to visit:

1- Carthusian Monastery:

The Cartuja Monastery is beauty in its purest form, its construction began in 1506, and the works lasted more than 300 years, so both its interior and exterior combine different architectural styles. both its interior and exterior combine different architectural styles, which make this palace a unique work of art.that make this palace a unique work.

It is also known as the Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumptionas it was the home of the Carthusian monks until their expulsion in 1835; unfortunately, the cloister and the monks’ cells were destroyed in 1842.


2- El Carmen de los Mártires:

The Carmen de los Mártires is one of the most beautiful corners of Granada, of Andalusia and of all Spain (if you hurry, even of the whole world). Why is it so popular? It turns out that preserves the best and most complete gardens of its category in our country. in our country.

If you like nature and quiet places, this is one of the best places to see in Granada, also invites reflection and needless to say that inside you will get beautiful photos.

3- Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary:

Beauty, art and devotion come together in the Camarín de la Virgen del Rosario. This type of construction was attached to the temples and was intended to guard an image. The one of the Virgin of the Rosary, is considered the heyday of dressing rooms in Spain..

Originally, it was conceived as a small palace to house the image to which the victory of Lepanto was attributed. Although it is a religious monument in Grenada, its beauty is such that you will enjoy it no matter what your creed or culture is..


4- The Monastery of San Jerónimo:

This is one of the most important monuments of Granada, as it was the first Christian monastery to be built when the the first Christian monastery to be built when the Catholic Monarchs conquered the city.. Among its many attractions, the altarpiece of the main chapel stands out for housing the remains of the Gran Capitán.

It also offers the possibility of visiting the Compass, the Processional Cloister, the refectory, the profundis room, two chapter rooms, the sacristy and the church, a visit that can take more than two hours. a visit that can take you more than one or two hours, if you want to see it allif you want to see everything calmly and in detail.


5- Madrasa:

The Madrasa is nothing more and nothing less than the first public university of al-Andalus, built in 1933 by the Nasrid King Yusuf I, with the aim of disseminating various branches of knowledge, such as mathematics, literature or astrology.

This monument to see in Granada will especially appeal to lovers of history, science and knowledge in general. Inside, it houses some very beautiful and famous places such as the dome or the oratory.


6- House of Zafra:

The Casa de Zafra is monument that best reveals the Arab lifestyle in Granada during the Muslim era. during the Muslim era, inside you will also find the interpretation center of the Albaicín.

In order to perfectly reflect the old lifestyle, both the original structure and the courtyard pool have been preserved. As a bonus, it hides some breathtaking views of the Alhambrayou can’t ask for more.


7- The Alhambra in Granada:

We could not finish our list of monuments in Granada without recommending you to visit the Alhambra; not in vain, is the most visited monument in the city and in all of Spain.It is also one of the most famous places in the whole world.

That said, I’m sure you’ve already figured it out: you will need to purchase tickets in advanceThe fact is that, although you won’t find paintings inside, the whole building is a work of architectural art, and it is worth it to discover this work of art first hand. a majestic work of art in its own right, full of gardens and brimming with history.. Undoubtedly, the best monument to see in Granada.

Now that you know the best monuments to visit in Granadawe can only recommend you see a flamenco show in your visit to the city, and this art (considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity) is just as important -or more- than the sites you have just visited, if you really want to discover the Grenadian culture.

We are waiting for you in Jardines de Zoraya, our flamenco tablao located in C. Panaderos, 32, Albaicín, Granada..

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