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What is flamenco dance?

The flamenco dance is one of the most famous artistic genres in Spain, so much so that many tourists consider watching a flamenco show to be one of the most beautiful experiences they can have in our country.

From Jardines de Zoraya, we want you to understand perfectly what is flamenco dance, what characterizes it and, above all, why it is so special. what is flamenco dance, what characterizes it and, above all, why it is so special.. Here’s everything you need to know about a captivating dance style:

What is flamenco dance?

Flamenco dance is a type of dance that is performed mainly in the southern regions of Spain, with a very strong influence in Andalusia..

However, this artistic genre does not only go back to dance, but also combines dance, singing and guitar. dance, singing and guitarThe music of the band, in addition to other secondary musical instruments, but with a strong weight in the final result. Thanks to its strength and passion, has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO..

People who dance flamenco are known as bailaores or bailaoras de flamenco (flamenco dancers), and the emotions they transmit from the stage are extremely intense, surpassing by far those of other artistic genres.The emotions they transmit from the stage are extremely intense, surpassing by far those of other artistic genres. Watching a flamenco show is a unique experience that we highly recommend.

To realize the entire performance different elements are also used, such as the flamenco dress, the manila shawl or special shoes for the “zapateao“.

Types of flamenco dances

As some time ago we dealt in depth with the history of flamenco today we are going to focus on what are the types of flamenco dances that exist, in order to help you understandin order to help you understand this art in its totality:

NoteAlthough it is considered that there are considered to exist more than 50 types of flamenco dances or palosToday we are going to deal only with the most common ones, as some of them are difficult to find nowadays and we prefer to leave them aside.

  • BuleríaIt is the most cheerful and fun, so it is also used as the culmination of other dances or even for the “end of the party”.
  • SoleáThis is a type of dance that is usually performed by women, because its movements are more suited to them, the lyrics usually speak of broken loves, and it also usually includes a zapateao and a final bulería.
  • TangosThis is another very festive palo – and with many subtypes – due to its rhythm, it is performed with very expressive movements, which makes it very beautiful to watch.
  • AlegríasIt was born in Cadiz and is the oldest flamenco dance, so much so that many other “palos” are actually a variation of it. It is a fast and festive dance, composed of 12 beats.
  • SeguiriyasThis type of flamenco dance is much slower, sober and leisurely. It is based on a rhythmic gait with dry, sonorous and sharp strokes, in forward and backward movements.
  • FarrucaIts origin goes back to Galicia and it is one of the most difficult flamenco palos to master. Generally, it is a dance performed by men; when women are encouraged, they wear pants to better imitate their zapateao characteristic.
  • SevillanasIt is a palo that actually combines flamenco and Andalusian folklore. It is danced in a three-beat rhythm, where the first beat is stronger and the next two are weaker.

Now that you know what flamenco dance is and which are its palos (forms)The next step is to enjoy it in first person, soak in its beauty, breathe its intensity and feel that you have just lived an incomparable experience.

For this, we recommend you to visit our flamenco tablao in Jardines de Zoraya, you will find us in C. Panaderos, 32, Albaicín, Granada. We are waiting for you!


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