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7 Things to see in Granada at night for an unforgettable night out

For us, the question of what to see in Granada at night has a very simple and resounding answer: a flamenco show accompanied by a five-star dinner.

However, this event will leave you with such a good vibe (flamenco must be experienced) that when it is over you will want to continue enjoying this magical city until dawn or until your body can take it.

That’s why, from Jardines de Zoraya, we want to tell you 7 things to see and do in Granada at night, perfect to complement the evening after our flamenco music and dance shows:

What to see and do in Granada at night

1- San Nicolás viewpoint

The Mirador de San Nicolas is one of the most beautiful spots in Granada, and although visiting it during the day is also an unforgettable experience, at night it acquires a different, romantic and unique atmosphere.

It is a great experience for couples, but also for groups of friends or even for solo travel (the kind you do to discover yourself).

Some people dare to claim that this is the best viewpoint in Spain, we do not go that far, but if we confirm that the views from this magnificent cliff cover almost all of Granada, at night, the illuminated views of the city have an air that borders on fantasy.

2- The Alhambra at night

If the Alhambra is beautiful by day, at night it has a beauty that is impossible to describe in words.

This is actually a palace and fortress located on a hill high above Granada, visits are also allowed at night, as they allow you to appreciate even better its impressive courtyards, gardens and decorated halls.

3- The walk of the Sad Ones

The Paseo de los Tristes has been baptized as the most romantic street in Granada, and it is known that at night love is experienced differently.

What makes it so special? For starters, it has privileged views of the Alhambra, being located very close to this monument. On the other hand, it has beautiful stony streets, lighting reminiscent of old novels and lots of greenery for extra charm.

There is only one thing you should know: when you look for them on the map, you should do it as: Paseo del Padre Manjón, as this is their official name.

4- The historic center

The historic center of Granada has two main charms: on the one hand, its aesthetics could not be more beautiful, since it has an old atmosphere and it is also a very busy place for tourists, emanating a lot of positive energy.

Its other attraction is that it is one of the favorite places for tourists and foreigners to go for tapas, and to know a little better the gastronomy of the area. Whether you’re hungry or not, the old town is one of the best places to see in Granada at night.

5- The traditional neighborhood of Albaicín

A walk through the Albaicin neighborhood is a must, and not because we say so, but because it will become one of the best experiences of your trip, if you want to sublimate it even more, the ideal is to take that walk when the sun goes down.

This is the oldest neighborhood in Granada and has beautiful orange lights that provide a very special warmth; in addition, connects directly to other of the best things to see in Granada, as the Mirador de San Nicolas, so you can get a lot out of this plan if you go on an express trip to Granada.

6- The Plaza Nueva, in Sacromonte

Plaza Nueva is a very nice and lively place located in the center of Granada, besides being a perfect place to take beautiful pictures, it also guarantees that there will always be something interesting and fun going on.

It is also a place full of bars and entertainment areas, being the perfect place to stop and take a break if your night is being intense.

7- San Cristóbal viewpoint

We started our guide with a viewpoint and ended it with another equally beautiful viewpoint, also located in the upper part of the Albaicín.

In addition to offering magnificent views of the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and almost the entire city of Granada, it is located next to the church of San Cristobal, another tourist attraction that we recommend you visit.

As a differentiating point, it is also one of the few places that offer a privileged view of the great canvas of the old Zirí wall, also located in the Albaicín neighborhood.

Now that you know the 7 best things to see in Granada at night, remember that the best way to start these unique nights is with a flamenco show, soaking in the culture and grace of a city that shines with its own light.

In Jardines de Zoraya you can enjoy this experience, accompanied by succulent dishes of typical food of Granada.

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