Raquel Heredia Reyes “La Repompa”.


Raquel Heredia Reyes “La Repompa” from Malaga is the daughter of Rafaela Reyes “La Repompa” and niece of the legendary Enriqueta Reyes “La Repompa” from Malaga.

He comes from a great flamenco saga, he started dancing at the age of 15 in New York and since then he has not stopped traveling and touring the world. She is considered one of the most prestigious dancers in Spain. His dance tears and wounds has an orthodox and gypsy dance. He has worked with artists such as Antonio Canales, El Farru, El Choro, Amador, Pepe Torres, Saga Habichuelas…

He is currently still traveling and is preparing his latest show to take it to the Alburquerque Ad-Libitum festival. She is one of the dancers of Jardines de Zoraya in Granada and Flamenco Alegria in Malaga. You can find her in Granada, where she lives.